Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mini Baby Boom?

I noticed lately that there are quite a few pregnant people around me lately. There is a large percentage of pregnancy among the women at work, so is my neighbor, and 2 women who's blogs I follow (one is a photography blog, the other is a frugal blog). I mentioned this concept to a coworker, and they agreed. When there's no money to go out and do things, you go to bed early, lol.

It was brought up again today. A friend's wife pointed out a pregnant woman, and I commented about my observation. Her thought was that because I was more in thought about having children, I'm more aware of it. I'm familiar with the concept. It's the same reason when you buy a car, or a brand of car, you see it everywhere.

However, as stated above, I think my observation is legitimate, and not because I'm more subconsciously aware of it. In the past few years I have been interested in pregnancy photography, yet my research into that didn't turn up an unusual number of pregnant women in my life at that point.

Seeing them makes me wonder what it's like. It makes me dream.

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