Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cycle Update - Implantation Dip?

So, for a quick recap:
I got a positive OPK on the day after my Wordless Wednesday post last week, meaning I ovulated on Friday. I had a temperature dip to confirm that so I knew. The problem with that is that it was before my normal predicted fertile window, and it was 2 days before I expected to ovulate. So, we didn't get as much BDing or time it very well (couldn't DB every other day like planned). In one way, it's probably a blessing that it happened early because it was supposed to happen the day of the Superbowl and I'm sure not much action would have been had since we were hosting a party.

Today I am at 6DPO, and I had this

Implantation dip maybe? I am going to keep temping normally until it goes back up (hopefully shoots up tomorrow or it's not an ID). For sanity sake, after then, I am going to chart in the evening instead of in the morning. That way, low temp won't ruin my day.


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