Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cycle Update, WTH Is Going On?

So as the chart would suggest, I ovulated yesterday. However I've come to know that TTC isn't an exact science. I'm about 99.5% sure that I didn't ovulate yesterday, but it's that .5% that kept me from going back to sleep this morning.

All other signs are pointing to NO, so I'm trying to trust that. I've been pretty busy and stressed with work. I can't really talk about what I do, and normally don't want to. The company I work for is regulated by the government and they've given me a lot to do. Normally it's great. I love having work to do, it makes my day go faster. Its just frustrating deal with things out of my control. Same with TTC!

The SA appointment went well. I told DH that I really didn't want to hear bad news because it would distract me from work and make BDing harder. I got my wish, numbers have gone up enough to satisfy the Urologist. He's no longer seeing DH. Numbers have started going back up which is confirming that the fever/hot baths were likely the problem. The picture that bother me though was the declining morphology. I'm hoping that vitamins will help with that.

So when it came to scheduling BDing, I had figured on Oing on CD14 (which is where the dip is on the chart). But when it actually came time do get down to business I wasn't interested at all. Honestly, it really worried me. I'm a bit of a control freak, so when things aren't working out right, it drives me crazy! After a relaxing few days, I've started seeing signs return. I think I will O, and I think it'll probably (hopefully) happen before the weekend.

The funny and great thing about that is that my best friend just told me that she and her DH are officially TTC and my delay would put me and her just about on the same cycle. It would be pretty cool if we ended up getting pregnant at the same time.

Thanks for putting up with this ramble. I know it's not organized real well but honestly that's how my brain's been working the past 2 weeks. Craziness!


  1. that would be amazing if you and your freind could be pregnant together! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. that would be awesome if you guys could get pregnant together! one of my best friends tried that but she got preggo and i didn't last month. Oh well, there's always this month. Follow your body signs and not the chart...I O'd a week late due to too much stress at work so that could be what is happening to you! Good luck!!

  3. I'm so happy his SA is great!! Now that would be WAY cool if ya'll got pregnant that the same time!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!! Your in my prayers!!!

  4. Looks to me like you have not o'd yet. I've been charting for about 14 cycles and (other than being sick of it) never jump to any conclusions till I have a couple days of data. Good luck.

  5. Thanks everyone for the good vibes!

    It was turning into a frustrating couple of days, but I finally got my + OPK. I've never O'ed this late since charting.