Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 14 weeks

How far along? 13 weeks

Weight? Holding in at 118.5

Symptoms? fatigue!!, morning sickness!, constipation!, headaches

Maternity clothes? Few shirts at Kohl's Junior section that work as maternity, or mid-maternity. This tunic and this tunic

Nursery Purchases? 1st outfit we bought sea monkey. Really cute teddy bear set with onesie, pants and a hat

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? yes please! Still wanting lots, but not napping as much

Best moment this week?First Midwife Appointment

Movement? Occasionally I feel fluttering, but nothing like the strong movement I felt last week

Food cravings? Steak from Texas Roadhouse. Finally got some for lunch today.

What I miss? Nothing ATM! Enjoying pregnancy

What I'm looking forward to? Morning sickness easing up a bit more

Milestones? nothing really

Emotions? Been getting frustrated with morning sickness. I had it really bad Saturday after I decided to forgot Unisom the previous night. I ended up waking up at 4am and made myself some mac and cheese, then shortly after threw it up. I went back to bed and got up and had breakfast and felt energetic enough to do some yard work. Then after my shower I got sick again and felt miserable the rest of the day. DH convinced me to take a Unisom early and today I am feeling better after sleeping off and on for about 18 hours.

Welcome to 15 Weeks


  1. How did I miss that your preggers??!! Sorry for not checking in! That's fantastic news! I'll move your link and look forward to featuring your success story! Here's the link: