Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 16 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight? 120.1

Symptoms? fatigue!, increased hunger, headaches

Maternity clothes? Still fitting in regular clothes most of the time. I did buy a pair of black yoga pants, in a size larger but I need a Be Band to keep them up.

Nursery Purchases? Hutch for the dresser arrived and was picked up. Only purchase this week was an ipod speaker set that I really wanted and found on clearance with an additional 20% off coupon!

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? Sleeping fine and not needing naps as much but I still haven't regained my stamina.

Best moment this week?Evening nausea seems to finally be going away AND last of the antibiotics (hopefully, but I'll find out next week if they did the job)

Movement?I noticed the baby kicking shortly after taking my antibiotic, almost like clock work. I think the baby was disliking it as much as I was!

Food cravings?Craved a turkey sandwich from Subway, but didn't oblige because of the lunch meat rule, and I don't like my subs toasted.

What I miss? Energy

What I'm looking forward to? When DH can feel the baby. He feels kind of left out, and asks all the time if I'm feeling the baby.

Milestones?Nausea free

Emotions? Emotions have been pretty stable, however I notice that I snap more when I am feeling stressed. Luckily I have been able to keep my stress level pretty low.

My energy level is still pretty low, which has caused me to lag behind a bit on blogging this week, sorry. I feel pretty accomplished today because we got the house pretty clean and we started getting some work done in the nursery. The painting has been done for a while, and we now have all the furniture set up. Next task is to go through all the hand me down stuff again to get it all squared away, and then get the loft fixed up into a proper playroom.

I finished my antibiotics for that pesky no symptom UTI I had. So thankful those are over for now. I'll find out next week when the midwife retests the urine if I am totally in the free and clear. I was concerned that I might have an allergic reaction to it, luckily I didn't. It is not recommended for those allergic to Penicillan, which I am. It beats having a stiff neck, which is why I was switched to a different antibiotic. Fingers crossed that it worked!

I've really been focusing on my diet this week. Now that I have an appetite and not so much nausea, I can expect to eat regularly and can plan my meals now. I've been keeping the Brewer diet under consideration, making sure to have plenty of protein and salt in my diet. But I am also making sure I have plenty of fiber and calcium too. I created a spreadsheet where I track what I eat. I have noticed trends, like I don't eat or drink as much when I am at home and I spend less money on going out to eat.

Welcome to 17 Weeks

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