Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mommy Learns To Connect The Dots

Now that I look back on the past few days, I see connections I didn't see before. I've been so preoccupied by this conference, the unusually hot weather, and the layoffs at work that I was only vaguely aware of what has been going on with my daughter. I kind of feel like a bad mommy, but most of all I feel really greatful and lucky that my daughter has the temperment she has.

Every day this week I would come home from work and she is in either just her diaper or sometimes a diaper and a shirt, which I figured was due to the heat. And then there were the difficult naps. She's missed a few, but many times its just been a bit more difficult than usual to get her to sleep. She's been a bit more clingy at times, which I figured had to do with a sleepy, nap deprived baby. Then there has also been the increase in blowing raspberries and the decrease in chatter.  Friday was particularly difficult with the naps, but in the end I just held her and rocked her to sleep and she was fine.

My mom had stopped by on Friday to keep an eye on BG while I got my craft room cleaned up and get packed for my upcoming craft weekend. Mom usually sees her once a week, sometimes every other week. I had let her know what has been going on with her and mentioned that I think something is going on in her head, like she's trying to figure something out because she had quit chattering and making noises. Last time she did that, she suddenly started making real sounds (and started saying dada). I thought she was working on a new sound.

Later, Friday night I found out what was really going on and suddenly came to the full realization that all of these things were connected. DH and I were giving BG a bath. She loves bathtime! This time she was particularly enamered with a wash cloth, constantly shoving it in her mouth (babies /sigh), and the occasionally choking on the water from the wash cloth. She yanked the fabric out of her mouth, and something caught my eye. There was something white in her mouth. So naturally, being a mother, I stuck my finger in her mouth to investigate!  A tooth! A real (sharp) tooth! I was shocked, excited, proud all at the same time. What I saw on her gums I was fully expecting to be white from swelling, but it wasn't. It was a full fledged tooth.

This is why I say I am thankful for my daughter's temperment. I have been waiting (more like dreading) when she would start teething.I was fully expecting the full gamut. Runny nose, fever, cranky, inconsolable crying, sleepless nights, neverending drool, gum grinding, etc. Nothing happened the way I expected it. She's maybe a little more sensitive, a little warmer, a little clingier, but nothing  worse than a couple of "off days". I am really lucky, and blessed.

She is currently working on her second tooth. Now that I see what's going on, I've been feeling more sympathetic. I've been trying to help her along the way, but that is a story for another post. Check back soon. ;-)

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