Monday, March 30, 2009

Twice The Fun? Luckily Just ONE Lesson Learned.

I'll admit it, even though the traditional woman inside me wants to deny it, most of the week was used to get the house ready for our 4 guests. The place hasn't looked this good in a while. The only thing dragging it down from it's perfect state would be 2 loads of laundry and the chaos in the basement.

We did the best we could to childproof the house without buying anything. Despite this effort, within 15 minutes of arriving one of the twins bumped their head on one of the side tables in the living room. A little blood, a few tears, 6 bandages (through out the day), and 1 safety sucker and all is fine. I think everyone feels bad and at fault for the incident.

We corralled them in the upstairs loft. I didn't realize how much work almost 18 month old twins could be. When left to wander, they would inevitable wander in complete opposite directions! I don't know how one person could keep track of each of them. It makes me wonder what exactly Octomom is going to do in 2 years?

We were worn out, but it was an enlightening experience. We're going to invest in a few lever door locks (our door handles are levers and not knobs, which are easy for little fingers and paws to manipulate). We also need to find a gate to surround our TV. I know a lot of this isn't too important until a child becomes mobile. I also know it won't be as overwhelming when it's my 2 year old.

Despite being a bit overwhelmed and not knowing how to help, it was good to get a visit from friends. I'm glad they were able to take the time off work and spend the weekend with us. Hopefully we can visit with them sometime this summer when the weather's nicer and we can all get outside.

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