Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This week has been a roller coaster so far. That's sad considering it is only Wednesday morning.

To say I had a bad day yesterday would be putting it politely. I'm sorry if anyone was in the way of my wrath. The day started out fine but it got worse as the day went on, eventually peaking shortly after getting home.

It wasn't until about 2 hours later that it dawned on me that it was exactly 1 week before AF would be arriving. My main PMS symptom is like clockwork, irritability always arriving exactly 7 days before. Upon that realization I felt two things, dumb and depressed. Dumb because I hadn't seen what was happening until hours later. I almost smacked myself on the forehead when I figured it out. Depressed because hell, it's PMS symptom, I couldn't be pregnant then. I was sure that my BBT would be heading down.

But, it didn't. Instead my temp was up .20 from yesterday and breaks my usual peaks and valleys pattern (a link to my chart is in my sidebar). And now I am hopeful. And now I also realize that it really was stupid to think I wouldn't get my usual PMS symptoms. I thought it was a side effect of increasing estrogen, but maybe it's a withdrawal from estrogen. If it is a withdrawal, then I would be experiencing it even if I were in the early stages of pregnancy.

So that brings up the signs of early know fatigue, nausea, headaches, sore boobs, etc. What signs are important to chart and which are not? I've been having some problems rectifying this. It seems like every symptom I am having, I can justify a reason. Headache is caused by tension in my shoulders, or the frequent urination is from the Vitamin B Complex I've been taking, or even that I'm irritable because I am tired and hungry (low blood sugar). Now, that last one I did deem hormonal, but I was feeling a bit better after eating dinner and getting a cuddle from DH.

I have been charting some symptoms, but I am not always so quick to associate every little thing I am feeling with early pregnancy. Perhaps I should, but I think I'm doing it to protect myself from the letdown when AF shows. I'm just not sure what symptoms to chart anymore.

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