Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Y'know I've never had a problem with passing tests except for one

At least the "studying" is fun.

Another cycle has come and gone without success. I was upset and frustrated this morning, but nothing a cup of coffee, some chocolate and ibuprofen couldn't handle.

I'm feeling better this afternoon and I have to give props to my support system for helping make it through the rough patches. I figured out a few things. 1. If we have a successful next month, we'll likely have a 4th of July baby, or perhaps peanut will share a birthday with my doula. 2. We could tell family as a Thanksgiving/Christmas surprise. 3. I'd be out of the sickness of the 1st trimester by the holidays.

In the meantime, I WILL find SOMETHING to get my mind off things baby. I have a scrapbook and some photography projects to work on. There's also a quilt I'm going to try and sew. Also plenty of football games to watch and fall yard work to accomplish.

The thing that I am concerned with that will derail thar plan would be charting. I most definitely do not want to stop doing that. However I am finding that it is affecting my mood during the TWW day by day more than anything. How do I chart without actually seeing the results every day?

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