Monday, October 19, 2009

In Hiding

I've been in blog hiding. I know, I am a bad blogger for not updating sooner, but here goes.

I've had a frustrating month as the first two weeks went. I was on track for the first few days and then they got really unpredictable. Day to day it was frustrating not being able to predict where my temps would be. And then, I ovulated early. Thankfully it was only a few days earlier but I've decided I'm not longer going to try and pin it down to the day in the future. The fertility window on seems to work well enough.

During the awful 2WW I've been keeping myself busy with work, taking care of a sick husband, and working on some photography stuff. Honestly, that has only been a little more than a week. I'm currently in the later stages of the 2WW and expect either a BFP or AF at the end of the week. Just in time for my trip to South Bend (sigh). Why can't AF schedule visits at a more opportune time?

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