Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soy Isoflavones

Another experiment on the docket for this month.

Soy Isoflavones are what's considered a phyoestrogen. Soy, and several other plants, contain these chemicals that trick the body into thinking it is not producing estrogen, thus producing more. This bumps up FSH which affects the maturation of follicles (which ripen the egg).

In general, soy is recommended to be avoided during conception because it can affect the balance of estrogen in the body. However, studies have shown that a short burst of soy isoflavones can help boost ovulation. It works similar to how the fertility drug Clomid works, and even taken similarly. For several good follicle development take during CD1-5, for one large follicle take CD5-9, or for a mix of the two, take for 5 days starting between CD1-5. The dose that I am taking is probably considered pretty light, 80mg a day. There is not official dosage for this use although I have heard 2 days on 80mg and then 3 days on 160mg but have also heard it up to 100 and 200mg.

Soy isoflavones can be found in the supplement section of pharmacies or health food stores. I went to 4 pharmacies and found it at 1, Walmart of all places. I did find a version at all 4 for menopause, which is the usual treatment.

I am currently on day 4 of 5 and I must say that I am glad I am ending this on a weekend. I didn't think that I was experiencing any side effects until they were in full bloom on Friday. It was just your typical everyday PMS issues, but they were rather unexpected. Headache, fatigue, emotional sensitivity, carbohydrate cravings/chocolate.

Oh yeah and BTW, this is just my experience. I'm not in the medical field. The stuff I try is just stuff I have found through research online.

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