Thursday, January 28, 2010

"SA"mple Experience

The day of my appointment to give a "sample" for analysis came and went without much trouble. I wasn't as anxious as I had assumed I might be. We met a very nice nurse that was currently going through a similar situation with her husband. It was funny but she told us more in 5 minutes than anyone else has in the entire time we've been looking into this.

The experience wasn't exactly how I imagined it but I'm not really sure what I expected. They take you to a room not unlike any other room in a doctors office. They leave you a cup and shut the door. When you are "finished", you leave the sample in the office with the door open and go the receptionist for any remaining paperwork. If you have any "problems" giving a sample you can let them know and you can try again another time. That was it.

I understand that is a medical office and everyone was very professional. It just felt odd. I guess part of me expected they might have something for "inspiration" etc. Everything was just very rigid. Go down the hall into the room, masturbate until you reach ejaculation and collect your sample. Thank you Mr. Roboto. I consider myself lucky and grateful that my wife came with me. Just her being there made me feel a lot less awkward.

After speaking with the staff we went ahead and scheduled an appointment with the Urologist there. Contrary to what we were told I was able to get an appointment rather quickly. The Dr. will go over the results of my semen analysis at the next appointment as well check my hormone levels.

Note added from Randifity:
This is where we found out the idiot receptionist really frustrated the experience. For future reference, abstinence is required 2-5 days prior to giving a sample, or low results could be found. We also found out that the time we scheduled for the SA was the time the Dr. had available for an appointment. D'oh! The next SA appointment will be more like what can be expected, SA and then wait to meet the Dr. an hour later for results.

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