Thursday, January 28, 2010

(Pro)state Of Mind: Anxiety

We met with my Urologist the other day to discuss the results of my "sample" and have my hormone levels checked. We didn't see the nurse we spoke to last time. The new nurse was kind but cold. The doctor met with us and though he answered our questions he also seemed distant and cold. We were both surprised by some of the information he gave us as it seemed to contradict thing that we had already "learned".

According to the doctor position is not a factor in pregnancy. His statement was, "As long as the man can ejaculate into the vagina that is all that matters". My wife has been in the habit of laying with her hips elevated for 15 to 20 minutes after ejaculation, a practice he suggested was unnecessary and a waste a time. He did say that hot baths can be an issue but that hot showers, sleeping under a heated blanket, or even sitting on a heating pad would not affect semen.

After answering some questions he moved into an explanation of the numbers and what they meant. For he most part my numbers are good. One number was a borderline and the other was a little low, all others were average or above. Apparently I have viable semen they are just sort of directionally challenged. If you know anything about me this extremely funny as I myself am directionally challenged. We had kind of hoped or expected that he would lay out at least some sort of preliminary plan or suggestion but he offered no advice on how to proceed.

In the meantime he wanted to do a physical checkup and blood draw. I'm not that fond of needles so I wasn't looking forward to the blood draw, but after the physical checkup it didn't matter quite as much. The check up was pretty much routine at first, stethoscope on the chest and back and listen to you breathe. I've never been sure exactly what it is they hope to get from that but I am used to going through motions.

After examining my chest he told me stand up and drop my pants! No one had mentioned this part before but what are you going to do? So I stand up and drop my pants and proceeds to examine my penis and testicles. A few turn your head and cough's later I assume were done and I can try and put my anxiety behind me. As it turned out my assumption was incorrect, as I started to pull up my pants he asked me to turn around and bend over. I can honestly say that the only thing worse than a prostate exam is a surprise prostate exam.

I have heard the funny stories from adults and comedians and their personal experiences and I honestly assumed they were subject of exaggeration. The whole thing never seemed like that big of a deal, but then I had never had one. I can share the details of the procedure if someone wants to hear them. I will say I was definitely not prepared for the experience and had they mentioned it I might have actually read a little more about the procedure and what to expect. I think the doctors execution of the procedure made it a little more uncomfortable than it needed to be. Immediately after he finished he got up and went to the door and started to leave. I am glad he had the presence of mind to push the door back closed and wait for me to at least pull up my pants. As it was he almost treated the staff to a nice image of my hairy butt bent over a table. Though honestly I don't think anyone there would care.

We have another appointment scheduled for next week. I am to give another "sample" and then in 1 hour we will meet to discuss the results of the blood work and the comparison of the two samples.

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