Sunday, January 10, 2010

Since Last Cycle...

We've seen a new year and quite a bit has occurred in the way of TTC.

First off, we're sick, or at least recovering now. We started coming down with symptoms on the first, what a great way to start the new year! AF arrived on Christmas morning. She was late, but no BFP. Let me tell you, it was a heartbreak after a heartbreak. I felt that I wasn't pregnant on Dec.22nd even before I tested. AF was due on the 24th, but she didn't arrive, mild cramping but not even a spot. I barely slept that night, a combination of being restless and being excited that I might be preggo. I even wasted a digital test that morning, BFN :(

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur. I couldn't really concentrate on work, I couldn't concentrate on my cycle, so I decided au natural this time. Just me, DH, the therm and some OPKs. I did end up taking guaifensin because of being sick, hey two bird/one stone!

At Christmas I told one sister to find a place to donate the crib. Since so many cribs have been recalled we thought it best to just get a new one. The crib has history, so it was sad to turn it down but I'd feel more safe with a new one. Another sister overheard the conversation and asked if we were going to see a LO in the near future and I said, "I dunno, I dunno if it'll ever happen". Of course by this time all my sisters were near so they all know of my IF concerns. I am glad they know and glad to be outed in such a casual way. I think my brother even knows because he he walked in on the "have him get tested first" part of the conversation. I just told him he didn't want to know what the pow wow was about, lol. He's used to it by now.

I did have a nice talk with my sister about her struggles with IF on NYE. I won't go into too much here because its her story to tell, but maybe one day I'll have her write a post about her experience. She even offered to be a surrogate for me if it came down to it. The talk was very comforting. Not only was she able to give me a lot of information and resources, but she also offered reassurance that some of what I was feeling was completely normal.

Also during the past two weeks, I have booked an appointment with the birth center and the midwives there to tour the facilities. They also cover well-women care so perhaps I'll make an appointment for an exam. I do hope I like the facilities and their policies as I'd love to have my birthing experience in a place other than a hospital. We are also in the process of getting an SA scheduled. I'll try and get DH to write about that experience.

Because we've been sick we haven't really been BDing as much but we seemed to have timed things well enough. The break has also rejuvenated a bit of our stamina. I am so very lucky though. On CD11 I contemplated starting OPKs, but decided not too. I didn't want to waste them since I never O before CD14. Since I had been sick, I was concerned that it would actually be delayed, but hoped for CD17. I started OPKs on CD14 and got a blaring positive. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to start them!

Fingers crossed that I'll have to give my unopened box of CBEs (Clearblue Easy) to my TTC friend because I won't need 'em! Do you realize that it's quite possible to have a 10/10/10 baby from this cycle. How cool would that be??

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