Friday, January 8, 2010

Witty Title About SA

Yeah, I couldn't come up with one either.

So, DH finally got a script for an SA. We picked it up from the doctor's office when he went in for his cold/flu thingy we've been fighting. It gave us a giggle because the nurse there opened up the sealed envelope (it was waiting to be picked up, we just happened to get an appointment later and picked it up) to double check that it was right. She said, "and this lab work for a blood, err, umm, a test". I'm sure they are not accustom to these tests, but it still made us both giggle for most of the day. DH was completely alright with their little faux pas, and try to make them feel at ease about it.

The process it took to get the actual script for the SA is not as easy or as humorous, however. It was quite frustrating really, partially us being uninformed and partially a 3rd party being uninformed.

See, the whole process started with DH considering getting checked out. I'm not sure what prompted the move but since he talked about it, I tried to do what I could to give him the resources without actually doing it for him. I want to empower him through the TTC process so he doesn't feel like he's just a donor.

He found some research and decided on some lifestyle changes, ones I had recommended a few months ago. Mostly they have to do with limiting hot showers/baths, stop using the heating pad, and start taking a daily vitamin. Typical guy, he doesn't believe me until someone or something backs it up. Anyway...

Shortly before Christmas I "bugged" him into calling the GP to figure out if they would write the script or if they would refer to a urologist. They informed us that our insurance doesn't require referrals (already knew that but thanks), but gave us a few phone numbers for urologists in their hospital network. I also gave DH a list of Urologists covered in our network.

He called around and got some mixed messages from people. The idiot receptionist wanted to know what his symptoms were (uhh, lack of pregnancy?) then couldn't give any details about the SA and what is required and said they don't have a doctor that does that. Called back and got a different receptionist, the helpful one said there is a doctor 30 miles away that can do it, but we'd have to make an appointment and that the doctor wouldn't want to or need to see him but won't just order and SA so we'd have to have our GP write it. But of course when we called the GP first, it was just going to be a referral, no script.

By the time DH was able to call GP to explain the situation, the office was closed. Upon calling the next day and talking to a nurse and describing the situation, we got a script written from the GP but the office would be closed until the new year. When we get it we will need to call helpful receptionist to schedule an SA at one of the offices 30 miles away. And no, they don't allow drop off so we actually have to go in. Being the nice wife that I am, I agreed to go in with DH to help him, kinky.

GP's office is 30 miles away. I love my GP and so does DH. He's been my doctor since I was 12. I grew up and moved away, but we love him so much we kept him even though it's absurdly long way to go for a doctor. We've been sick since the 1st and it was also my fertile period so no SA. I'm not putting a cycle on hold, and we wouldn't get real good results during that time anyway. But at least we have a script, now we just need to schedule it.

I'm hoping that we'll get a BFP before we get the results back. ;)

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