Friday, January 1, 2010

I Resolve (2010 edition)

2010 has a lot going for me. Things with work are looking up, even with the added stress. I know part of my stress in 2009 is due to feeling lost. I also realize part of that feeling has to do with feeling restless. In my work history, my tenure at a company or a position within a company rarely lasts as long as this one has. I've become accustomed to projects ending or moving on after determining the company is not a good fit for me.

The University was little over 2 years, but I changed roles 6 months or so into starting. I left because it was just a job to get experience and make some extra cash while going to college. Tech job was roughly 21 months and I decided about 18 months or so to get out because the work stagnated. Contracting was 18 months and was meant to be a stepping stone out of Tech/desktop Support. I'm nearing 20 months in my current position. The difference between this job and the rest being that I see a viable future where I am at, even if I still have some growing to do to get there.

Debt Free
One thing we failed at, and at least partially deliberately, was continuing a debt free lifestyle. We took on a bit of debt getting the basement finished. We were cautious about it, trying to cut corners and doing some work ourselves. It has saved us some money so were not as deep as we could be. One goal that I have is to return to the investing and erase the debt. I have already set up automatic depositing into the various accounts and going to bump it up once the debt is gone. The debt should be gone by mid year, if not sooner due to tax return.

Improve Health
Another goal is focusing on our health. I have succeeded in taking vitamins and drinking mostly water during the day, which was a goal I did accomplish in 2009. For the most part I am pretty good about not going out to lunch every day, however I'm still having problems eating healthy on the go. I must find a resolution to this. Also, we weren't as consistent about being as active as we should be.

One thing that differed from 08-09 is the amount of Dr./medical visits, they dropped considerably. I had to go out and spend my flex medical dollars on glasses this year and I may have still lost some money.

In The Family Way
I'm sorry Jason, but you lost your bet. No pregnancy announcement in store for the last hours of 2009. My goal is at least a 2010 baby, at latest would make a great birthday surprise. If that doesn't happen then we'll be on the quest to figure out why. First I must determine what insurance will and will not pay for.

A Toast
Here's to a new year full of growth, in more than one way. The true challenge is figuring out how to get and keep the momentum instead of starting and restarting. Any suggestions on that last part would be greatly appreciated.

Happy 2010 friends!

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