Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True

What great timing I must have for my inspirational wordless Wednesday, because dreams really do come true, and they did for me.

This is the story of the struggles of two twenty somethings trying to get pregnant, and succeeding. It's just a warning for those currently struggling with infertility. I know pregnancy announcements are hard to take especially if you're not prepared for them.

My husband and I have been married for 6 years now, in fact we just celebrated our anniversary last weekend. This time last year we agreed that it was a good time to try and start a family. We were heading to Paris and were hoping to to bring back our own little souvenir. All the pieces fit together, in fact I had already started tracking my cycles in my calendar so I knew there was a great chance it would be our month.

Like every couple new to the TTC world, we were naive and thought we'd end up in the family way quite easily and quickly. Of course that would not come to be and I never even ovulated while on our trip, I ended up ovulating 2 days after we came back (and were sick).

Month after month we saw signs that this would be it. I eventually came to the conclusion that no amount of signs, babydust, FX, or luck was going to result in a baby. We just had to wait our turn.

In January I convinced DH to go see a Urologist to get a sperm analysis done. Results weren't bad, but they weren't stellar. We determined that some lifestyle changes and recovery from the flu should help and would repeat the SA 2 more times. Numbers got better, but motility was still low.

I agreed that it was my turn to see an RE, and I did in May. The day after Mother's Day in fact. Seriously, what was I thinking? I spoke to one of the nurses on the phone who was super sweet and willing to answer all my questions when I made the appointment. I met with Dr.Puzzle and really felt confident with the clinic. It does have the highest IVF success rate in the state.

The meeting was inconclusive though. He confirmed that I had ovulated, and that my charts were excellent and that he had no real answer. He suggested that the SAs low results were likely to be the problem and that we should move on to a non-medicated IUI. I was to call on CD1 with my news if AF appeared. I called 11 days later with news of my BFP!

This of course, I treasure as well. Fortune I received exactly 1 week before the BFP

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