Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 6 Weeks

How far along? 6 weeks

Symptoms? Sore boobs, fatigue, morning sickness, congestion

Maternity clothes? Nope

Nursery Purchases?Crib bedding sewing patterns

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep? Yes, Please. I've taken many naps this week, but try to hold off on taking them if I can because I don't sleep as well at night.

Best moment this week? Hearing the hearbeat

Movement? No.

Food cravings? No, mostly food aversions.

What I miss? Wanting to eat

What I'm looking forward to? Telling family about 'sea monkey'

Milestones? Heartbeat!

Emotions? Excited that things are progressing well. Stil concerned about miscarriage even though things are going well

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