Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 10 weeks

How far along? 10 weeks

Symptoms? fatigue, morning sickness, emotional, constipation

Maternity clothes? Been wearing the Be Band I picked up at Target, though mostly to hide a missing button on a pair of work pants, lol

Nursery Purchases? Mirrored tiles in the shape of moon and stars

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? I want to sleep all the time it seems. I get pretty tired after I eat, even if it is a snack with protein.

Best moment this week? DH announcing my pregnancy at work with flowers and balloons. Still, some people thought it was just my birthday.

Movement? None that I can feel

Food cravings? Green Olives, Steamed Veggies

What I miss? Energy, but I did get a whiff of it Saturday when a bout of nesting kicked in and I did all my weekend chores on Saturday instead of Sunday!

What I'm looking forward to? Ultrasound and graduating from RE

Milestones? Morning sickness seems to be easing up. Only bad in the late evening but I'm glad to be done with the all day nausea.

Emotions? I still occasionally get paranoid about not feeling pregnant or feeling like there is something wrong when I know there shouldn't be.

I am hoping soon that I can kick the Unisom habit and start taking my prenatals again. Dr. Puzzle suggested I stop them until the morning sickness eased up, and to just stick with folic acid. Honestly, it makes me worried about my nutrition though, fearing I'm not getting enough Iron.

Welcome to 11 Weeks


  1. Yay!! Glad you are feeling better! You haven't graduated from your RE yet??

  2. No, not yet. They said next appointment they will release my to my midwife. That will put me at almost 12 weeks. There's been nothing they've needed to keep an eye on, so it sounds like it is procedural for them.

    Honestly, I think it will be sad to leave them. :(

  3. Holy cow, I am off blogger for a couple of weeks and come back to this!! Congratulations!! Yay!!