Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 11 weeks

How far along? 11 weeks

Symptoms? fatigue, morning sickness, constipation

Maternity clothes? Yes, Be Band and an occasional tank top. For the past few weeks I have been wearing a pair of DH's jeans, lol. Most other Maternity size clothes are too large. I figure I'll pick up what I need as I need them in the future

Nursery Purchases? Went to pick up the crib but ended up with our car seat.

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? I found out that without the Unisom, I can't sleep and my morning sickness starts in the morning instead of the evening.

Best moment this week?I have two this week. First, seeing sea monkey again was amazing, especially after my scare which I'll mention later. Second, my best friend IRL just found out she is also pregnant. We have laughed and dreamed about the possibilities of being pregnant together, and it happened.

Movement? None I can feel yet

Food cravings? None really. I've not felt well enough to really crave anything

What I miss? Nothing, really.

What I'm looking forward to? First appointment with the midwife

Milestones? Graduating from the RE practice

Emotions? Some days I still feel amazed that I am pregnant, and it's really exciting. Some days I feel like time is moving too slowly, but I know that will happen until the day I realize that we don't have enough time left, lol.

Kicking the Unisom habit didn't turn out so well. I tried it the evening I ran out, which was also the night before my RE appointment. I slept for maybe 4 hours that night and when I got to work that next morning I got acquainted with the porcelain goddess. Dr.Puzzle sent with me a prescription for Zofran, which does help a bit but not like Unisom does.

As for the mishap earlier in the week, I did something really stupid. I was patching some drywall above our light switch, which included me taking the cover off. I was jiggling the switch and touched one of the live wires. I was grounded and it was just a little shock but it scared me and made me realize I need to be much more careful about what I do that could affect the baby. I was worried what might happen but came to my senses. I try to be practical. There is no sense in worrying about it now. What's done is done and I will deal with it after the RE appointment. Seeing sea monkey dancing and trying to suck their thumb, well it brought me to tears. It was such a relief.

For your enjoyment, Sea Monkey at 11 weeks

Welcome to 12 Weeks


  1. I finally got some unisom to try (with my ob's permission) so I'm curious to see if it helps me as much as it has helped you. Glad everything is going great!

  2. Ashely, I hope it helps you too. You have to have been miserable the past few weeks with all the ER trips. I take half a pill about half an hour before I go to bed. I sleep well, but not so deep that I can't get out of bed. Keep me updated. :)

  3. Congrats on 11 weeks! I love that you call the baby sea monkey! too cute!