Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats - 12 weeks

How far along? 12 weeks

Symptoms? fatigue!!, morning sickness, constipation!

Maternity clothes? I've looked but not buying until I find something I need. Resorting to a lot of dresses lately.

Nursery Purchases? Bought the furniture, crib, dresser and hutch. The dresser is bigger than I expected, but I love it. The hutch for it will arrive sometime next month probably. I honestly wasn't quite ready, but 20% coupons and my husband's insistence overruled

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? I'm sleeping a lot more than usual, and a lot more than I expected to while nearing the end of the firs trimester. I wake up and feel like I could sleep another 5 hours. I ended up calling into to work Tuesday and slept most of the day.

Best moment this week?Morning sickness starting to wane

Movement? None I can feel yet

Food cravings? Nothing consistent. Craved fried mac and cheese from Friday's on Friday, lol.

What I miss? TMI but pooping, lol.

What I'm looking forward to? Leaving the first trimester in a cloud of dust.

Milestones? navel ring removed

Emotions? I am excited to be entering my 2nd trimester!! I'm feeling a bit frustrated that my energy level continues to decline. I thought energy was supposed to come back in the second trimester? I know I'm not technically there yet, but I feel like I am falling backwards. I'm always tired, always ready for a nap. However, I had two nights where I had no nausea!!

Welcome to 13 Weeks


  1. I remember when I was excited to have a bowel movement - don't worry, it gets better!

  2. I'm still more tired than I would like. :( hoping we both get more energy soon!