Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 29: 30 Day Blog Journal

hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Plans have always seemed much easier for me to decide on than hopes and dreams. Maybe it's because it seems more definite. Hope seems like something that's too far out of reach, and dreams are on a similar horizon. One attains to reach their dreams but there is no assurance that they will get there. Not to say I don't waste my time on hopes and dreams, but the "Type A" in me definitely puts more weight on plans than dreams and hopes.

Plans For The Next Year

  • I plan to be the best mother I can be
  • I plan to sleep very little and to live life in a brain fog
  • I plan to do the best I can to balance my attention between my child, my husband and myself
  • I plan on taking lots of photos
  • I plan on being the typical first time mother
  • I plan on drifting away from some friends
  • I plan on deciding on the next step of our family
  • I plan on baptizing our child and confirming my faith
  • I plan on there being struggles with breast feeding, and cloth diapering, and attachment parenting.

Hopes For The Next Year

  • I hope motherhood treats me well
  • I hope I get more sleep than I plan to
  • I hope that my husband adjusts well to sharing my time with the baby
  • I hope my photos are inspiring
  • I hope I get the help I need
  • I hope I gain more friends than I lose
  • I hope we can start on expanding our family
  • I hope that I can breast feed for 6 months

Dreams For The Next Year

  • I dream that motherhood is a breeze
  • I dream that I won't be lacking any sleep
  • I dream that I can do it all myself
  • I dream that there is no conflict with work
  • I dream that breast feeding and cloth diapering will be a breeze

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