Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats Week 17

How far along? 17 weeks

Weight? 121.2

Symptoms? fatigue!, increased hunger, headaches

Maternity clothes? Still fitting in regular clothes most of the time. I haven't purchased anything new, but I do have a top that I am currently sewing. Hopefully I can get it finished soon.

Nursery Purchases? None this week, lol!

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Sleeping is ok, but I'm having issues with the cat trying to use me as a pillow all the time. I'm not taking naps anymore, although sometimes I still really want to.

Best moment this week?Feeling the baby move a lot more. I haven't decided if they are good kicks or if they are because baby is unhappy, lol. So it begins! I had a few or ages today and baby was really kicking quite a bit after. I'll take it as a good thing. Baby must love baths then too.

Movement? Just about every day I feel some movement, though more when I am sitting at work.

Food cravings? Fresh pears. I craved them for a few days but couldn't find any ripe ones, and couldn't get ones I bought to ripen up. I finally found a ripe one today and ate half of it. Yum!

What I miss? No back pain. My right hip seems to be hurting almost every day. I know I need to kick my butt into making an appointment with the Chiro, and start up some prenatal yoga or something. I think it is likely a muscle issue.

What I'm looking forward to? Midwife appointment is Tuesday. I can't wait to hear Sea Monkey's heartbeat again!

Milestones?Nothing outstanding

Emotions? Excited that others are getting excited about the arrival of the baby.

Welcome to 18 Weeks

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