Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Present Under The Tree

DH and I are remodelling our basement. We've been DIY for a little while now. Honestly, I am embarrassed to even mention just how long. We got far enough for the initial inspection before drywalling. We did a test of our skills in the garage over the summer. We got it half done. The mudding/taping portion didn't go so well. Faced with the daunting task of moving tons of drywall board down to the basement, I decided to have that part at least contracted out.

My Uncle is a carpenter so we naturally asked him and he graciously agreed to give us an estimate. 3 weeks later we have a new floor plan, plumbing installed, drywall, doors, the works! All that's left are door knobs, once they arrive.

Him and his wife stopped by Saturday morning to talk. By that time we had used up a 5 gallon bucket of ceiling paint and were about to head out to pick up wall paint. We discussed with them our plans for what to do with the space. I told DH that he'd need to get help moving the TV down the stairs because there's no way I'm doing it. It's a bit on the heavy side, but more than that it's awkward in it's weight distribution. The TV has a tube in it so it can't really be jostled around. After the bill for the work, I really don't want to fork out more dough to replace the tv!

My Aunt looked at my dead square in the eyes and asked if they should be expecting a little present under the tree and that it was okay to tell them because they won't say ANYTHING to anyone. I giggled. It was cute, but sadly not yet.

So, I inquired as to what gave her that thought...if it was not lifting anything heavy, or if it was the book. She had forgotten about the book, but it turns out that it was what originally gave her that thought.

You see, the book in question is Your Pregnancy Week by Week, and I had loaned it to a friend a few months ago. She left it on my dining room table when she and her DH came over for dinner earlier in the week. On a side note, she's not pregnant yet either :(. My sister put the book and several others in one of the 30 boxes of baby stuff she brought over in the summer. When I got home Monday, I realized my gaff and put it in the pile of stuff going to Goodwill, hoping to fool anyone that saw it. Apparently that failed, lol. That night my Uncle mentioned to my Aunt that we might be keeping some good news from them.

I wasn't upset when she asked. I honestly thought it was very cute to see her eyes light up with the idea. Thankfully DH kept to himself that we're hopeful about this month, but he did mention that we were trying to start a family. Ah, nothing like telling your relatives that you're having sex!

So yes, while having 2 pink lines will be the best and most memorable Christmas present ever, it's not one we're likely to share until a few weeks later (well, IRL anyway!).

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  1. Ahh, the famous question. I'm glad it didn't get you upset. I hope you will be able to finally answer "yes" soon...