Monday, April 19, 2010

The Not Quite Babymoon


As you probably figured out in the last Wordless Wednesday post, DH and I went on a little trip.

It was intended to be a babymoon, but considering how I ovulated 5 days early, it was a post babymoon trip, lol. We both took a long weekend and took off the only two free days I could find in my schedule. Busy Bee, I am lately.

Anyway, we took a road trip to the middle of nowhere Tennessee to visit Fall Creek Falls State Park. We took a ton of pictures and had a ball. It was just the thing we needed to do to get away from life.

The weather was fantastic. It was early in the season so no bugs, but it warmed up early so we could hike without being bogged down with layers of clothing. We saw a lot of wildlife, challenged our muscles, bonded and renewed our spirit.

We stayed in a cabin this time around, but next time I think we may just take a tent. The trip reminded me how much I love to be out in nature and that I hope someday we can find our forever home in a forest somewhere.

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