Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats 20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks

Weight? 125.7

Symptoms? Constipation, nesting, reflux

Maternity clothes? Mostly everything I wear is maternity. A few regular non-maternity shirts and dresses, but all pants are maternity now

Nursery Purchases? None this week

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Sleeping fine usually but sometimes I have some insomnia. Still using the Unisom, but not needing it for sleep, just keeps the sickies away.

Best moment this week? Watching sea monkey moving around during ultrasound

Movement? Mostly when I am sitting and after I eat or sometimes when I am laying in bed. Kicks are definitely getting stronger each week. Sometimes they surprise me and make me laugh.

Food cravings? Nothing really

What I miss? Having a waist, lol

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting with the doula

Milestones? Past the half way mark!

Emotions? I've had a rough week, that's all I can really say without getting whiny and documenting all the minuscule things that have come out of the woodwork to bother me. I'm not sure if it's just the stress of everything and not getting enough sleep, or if pregnancy hormones are playing a part too.

The one thing I had to look forward to this week was our ultrasound. We didn't care for the technician but that doesn't matter since we got to see a lot of the baby. Fortunately and unfortunately the baby was cooperating so we were in and out in about a half an hour. There were a lot of measurements and we did get to see plenty of the baby but I kind of wish we could have seen more. Sea Monkey was moving around quite a bit at first, so she took pictures first and measurments second. After about 10 minutes, baby decided to relax and she was able to take measurements fairly easily.

Baby's measurements are exactly in 50% of growth charts, except in belly size which was a bit higher on the chart. Appointment was on 20w2d and femur measurements were estimating between 20w4d and 21w0d. Weight was 14oz. Cervix length is 3.3cm, placenta is at my back and plenty of amniotic fluid as I can see. Sea Monkey loved to show their profile, even well enough to get a good look at baby's lips. Seeing the 4 chambers of the heart was amazing. Heartbeat was around 147.

Here are some pictures!




Welcome to 21 Weeks

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