Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats Week 19

How far along? 19 weeks

Weight? 123.5

Symptoms? Irritability, constipation, nesting

Maternity clothes? Mostly everything I wear is maternity.

Nursery Purchases? None this week

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Sleeping fine usually but sometimes I have some insomnia. Still using the Unisom, but not needing it for sleep, just keeps the sickies away.

Best moment this week? Watching my bump grow

Movement? Mostly when I am sitting and after I eat or sometimes when I am laying in bed. Kicks are definitely getting stronger each week. Sometimes they surprise me and make me laugh.

Food cravings? Spicy food still. Last week was spicy chicken sandwiches, this week was mexican food.

What I miss? SCUBA Diving. We went on a dive trip this weekend. The weather was nice so I tagged along to help out, socialize and get some camping in. The biggest bummer was hearing all the fun stories and not getting to participate.

What I'm looking forward to? 20 week ultrasound Tuesday.

Milestones? Reaching the half way mark!

Emotions? I am still getting irritable sometimes and unfortunately DH gets the brunt of a lot of it. I am trying to make sure that I don't get too frustrated with him, but sometimes I feel like he's not picking up the slack. At times I am also feeling bossy. Nesting is really kicking in and so is my energy so I am trying to get a lot done but I am frustrated with my inability to do things like lifting heavy boxes. I'm needing DH to do it and I get frustrated with my waning independence and with needing help.

My belly has grown much more, and others are starting to notice that I am carrying high. Since the development of m bump, I've gone through my closet and packed away all the clothes I am sure won't fit and pulled out my cold weather clothes and washed and got them in the closet. Hopefully I won't need to buy much more clothing.

I also sorted through all the hand-me-down baby clothes I'd received. 11 totes in total, mostly girl clothing. That project started last week and took most of 4 days to get through! Thankfully I had a long weekend due to the holiday and taking a day off work. While we were sorting, I realized that the nursery probably won't get much use for the first few months and that I need to figure out a way to store clothes along with the bassinet in our bedroom.

Welcome to 20 Weeks

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