Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats 21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks

Weight? 127

Symptoms? Constipation, nesting, pounding heart, reflux! Reflux has been getting worse. I'm on Pepcid but we're waiting to see if it'll be effective but so far we've doubled the dose and it only marginally helps.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new although I am still keeping my eye out for the dress

Nursery Purchases? None this week

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Sleeping fine usually but sometimes I have some insomnia. Still using the Unisom, but not needing it for sleep, just keeps the sickies away. I ran out Thursday night to see how I would do. I slept fine, except for getting woken up with neighborhood excitement. However I wasn't feeling so great Friday. Between that and being really tired, I decided to take the day off work.

Best moment this week? Being able to identify the baby's butt and head.

Movement? Some days I have more movement than others. I've been pretty busy and active this week, so I either don't notice it or I'm making the baby sleepy.

Food cravings? Nothing really

What I miss? Being able to eat without my ribs and diaphragm hurting.

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting with the doula

Milestones? Now officially at my heaviest weight. :)

Emotions? I've had a much better week this week than last. I'm getting anxious to meet the LO!

My appointment with the MW got moved up a few days. We finally got the deposit/financial contract worked out (it's worded really funny and we had no idea how much we owed). Everything was right on track. Got my first fundal height measurement, 21cm and weight is 127. HB was at 154bpm. It seems to be staying steady in the 150s now.

We discussed the flu shot concerns and she is on board with my idea of getting it done at work in October and having DH get it a little after with the Flumist. She thought it was important for him to get the shot this year even though he normally doesn't. We also discussed the glucose test. Turns out that it doesn't have to be fasting like the office staff said (have you noticed an underlying reoccurring theme yet?). I just cannot eat anything with sugar for 12 hours before including any fruit, juices, milk or bread. I'll miss the morning milk, but at least I get to eat something! The Glucola I'd take would be fruit punch or lime (eww). I might be able to do the fruit punch, but she also suggested that I could do it with jellybeans. I'll ask more about it at my next appointment. Glucose test is still 8 weeks or so away.

Saturday I helped my sister and mom with my shower invitations, hehe. Seems weird that the mother-to-be would be helping, but I was having fun doing it. I'm really excited since they told me where it is being held. It's something different for a baby shower, but they wanted to hold it at a scrapbook store. There is a locally owned store that has studio space for classes and crops, so it is being rented out for my shower. How unique and exciting! The invitations (handmade) are so cute, I cannot wait to show them off once they are finished!

Welcome to 22 Weeks

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