Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats 30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks

Weight? 137.5 (Can you tell I had a good holiday? Up 2 lbs :-p

Symptoms? Constipation, dry/itchy skin (belly), leaky nipples, pelvic/hip pain

Maternity clothes? Yes

Nursery Purchases? Not specifically for the nursery, but purchased a new cover for the boppy (green) and a moby wrap (slate)

Stretch marks? Just a tiny one around my piercing scar

Sleep? Sleep is starting to become more uncomfortable. I am tired all the time now, so napping is back again. Naps, I am like a rock. At night I seem to toss and turn, which is hard with the extra weight.

Best moment this week? Getting to see family together.

Movement?Yes, butt sticking out and legs/feet kicking my side. Occasionally feeling the baby's head grinding on my bladder :(

Food cravings? Currently, hot cocoa, but in general not craving a lot.

What I miss? Feeling comfortable!

What I'm looking forward to? Chiropractor visit

Emotions? Feeling blessed with all the wonderful conversations we've been having with family. Between being extra introspective from the pregnancy, and the RCIA process, we've definitely grown closer together, but we're also forming closer bonds with my family. I feel a bit guilty that is isn't also including his family, but the close family bond we are seeking just isn't there with them. I wish it was, or wish there was a way to help facilitate that.

I delayed a bit on posting this so that I could write about Monday's MW appointment. I'm still continually frustrated at the lack of timeliness. My appointment was at 4 and we didn't get seen until shortly after 5. By the time we left, I had to call to make my next appointment because the rest of the staff had already left. I tried not to let it bother me, but it started to after the 3rd time DH asked what time it was. Feeling a bit trapped in my decision? Yes. If delivery is not here, its at the hospital.

Once I got to see the midwife, my frustrations were tempered. She's very thorough and makes it a point to take her time and have a relaxed aire for the appointments. I just wish the office staff would schedule her appointments longer because she is always running late. She is great and I have no doubts about her abilities, it's just frustrating taking time off work and wait in the waiting room.

Blood pressure is fine. No edema (swelling). Fundal height is right on target. Baby is in LOA position (Left Occiput Anterior), so head is down, back is on my left side, kicks are on my rightish side. I'm not sure how easy it is to tell if the baby is facing anterior or posterior at this point. Baby's heartbeat was at 145, and kept trying to kick the MW while she was trying to check baby' position! Spunky!

She's unsure of the pelvic pain, and what to do about it. She suggests staying away from prenatal yoga until I have it checked out. The plan is to check with the chiropractor and if that doesn't work, to try physical therapy. It's gotten so bad that 2 nights I almost spent the night on the floor because I couldn't physically get up. When I try to stand, I get a sharp pain in my pelvis until I get back into sitting position. I have to let it work itself out and sometimes it takes longer than others for it to quit hurting. One time it caught me as I was getting out of bed. Best I could do was sit on the step stool and then on the floor. It just wasn't a good situation. Eventually, after about 15 minutes, I was able to climb back up into bed. Hopefully the chiro has a solution.

Welcome to 31 Weeks

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