Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sea Monkey Stats 31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks

Weight? 138.5

Symptoms? Constipation, dry/itchy skin (belly), leaky nipples, pelvic/hip pain

Maternity clothes? Yes

Nursery Purchases? Nothing

Stretch marks? Just a tiny one around my piercing scar

Sleep? Sleep is starting to become more uncomfortable.

Best moment this week? Chiro adjustment

Movement?Yes, butt sticking out and legs/feet kicking my side.

Food cravings? Peak Leaf Sweet Tea

What I miss? Feeling comfortable!

What I'm looking forward to? Holiday Parties

Emotions?I had mixed emotions about the chiropractor visit at first. She determined that my sacrum was twisted and was putting pressure on the nerves. She did some quick adjustment and put it back in place but was so jarring it really caught me off guard. I was immediately in pain in the front of my pelvis on the left side (the other pain I had been having was on the back right side). This turned out to be my first case of round ligament pain. She stretched it out (Brewer Technique that also can turn breech babies). That was also painful since it was irritate. After some time, it finally eased up and I went home pain free.

However, a few hours later I was in so much pain I almost went to the ER. I couldn't walk, stand or move my legs without being near tears. I really thought that I had screwed up. The pain wasn't debilitating like the other pain was, but it was also chronic pain that didn't go away. I spent the rest of the evening in bed trying not to move. I took 2 Tylenol before bed and it was enough to dull the pain for me to sleep. By morning I was feeling much better, but still not 100%. By my followup appointment a day later, that pain was gone but the sacrum pain was starting to creep back up. I had another adjustment and was feeling better. She did more work on the round ligament, even though it wasn't bothering me.

I asked what might have caused it. She said that more often than not, the misalignment happens before pregnancy and that the changes in pregnancy just make it more noticeable. Crossing legs while sitting is a common reason for the misalignment. The round ligament was causing a problem because it was shorter than the right side due to the misalignment. When she fixed the sacrum, it pulled on the ligament. So, here's to a hopefully pain free last few weeks. Now, I just need to stop crossing my legs! :(

Welcome to 32 Weeks

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