Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Goals

Recap of general 2011 goals:
  • debt-free
  • focus on photography
  • BF for 6 months at least
  • be near my pre-pregnancy shape by the end of the year

The Colts made it to the playoffs! We decided to save some money and opt out of purchasing playoff tickets. Plus, we never know when sea monkey might arrive! Instead, I am looking to find some place fun/exciting/loud but smoke free to enjoy some football!

We have a surplus from our utility budget for 2010 so the money for January's utility bill will be directed to what's left of our debt. I'll have a better hold on the status of all things financial when I've had a chance to feel more prepared for baby and have a chance to figure out the 2011 budget. Like 2011 resolutions, it'll be rather loose since there's a lot of unknowns. Doubtful if we undergo any major projects this year.

For photography, I'm working on getting my computer better set up to process pictures. DH gifted me an Eye-Fi card that I've been getting acquainted with this week. By the end of January want to decide on the status of Picasa and Flickr and getting a handle on automating the upload process and which site to use for my more professional front.

As for breastfeeding goals, I have 2, to finish The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and to nail down a Pediatrician that is going to be supportive. Other than preparing myself, I don't feel like there is much I can do on this front.

This is the same for my last goal. I am continuing to be mindful of my diet and not indulge too much in empty calories, in order to keep away from bad habits. It is hard considering the amount of candy around the house because of the holidays.

To be honest, it is bit frustrating to keep myself from planning out every change I want to make for 2011. The Type A in me is struggling to get out. So many times I wanted to plan a 365 photo project but I know I cannot commit myself to such goals when I know more important things are around the bend! Maybe one of my goals is it force the Type A part of my personality to relax and have more patience ;)


  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "be near my pre-pregnancy shape by the end of the year".

    I think you look beautiful. The only weight you gained appears to be in your belly and its called a baby :)

  2. I mean to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I know it's too much to ask of myself to look exactly like I did before I got pregnant. My body has changed, and it may or may not be capable of going back, and I am aware and accepting of that.

    However, I am eager to get back to wearing some of the cute clothes I have had to pack away. I'm just so tired of wearing black and feeling like I am wearing a tent!