Friday, December 31, 2010


Its that time of year again, where people get introspective and reflective and look at the past year's deeds and misdeeds and decide to change for the better in the upcoming year. In respect, it is like starting with a clean slate. December 31st marks an end, what happened in the past 365 days stays behind, forgotten and started anew. Count me in with the myriad of silly fools, usually.

It has dawned on me recently that there are only a few days left of 2010, and I haven't gotten all retrospective or inspired by the coming new year. I don't know, something about having a baby in the next few weeks has grabbed more of my attention. Then I tried to look back at the past few year's worth of resolutions, and remembered that I deleted my old personal blog in favor of this one, oops! Then I realized that I did manage to cross post part of the resolutions I made, and can be found HERE

Success! I was promoted, received a raise, I lead a part of a major company project, I lead my own project, exceeded all of my work goals.
Failures :( towards the end of the year my workload was reduced, I feel partially because of my pregnancy status. It is hard to get in on projects that have a completion timeline that conflicts with my medical leave. In the mean time I picked up a lot of training and worked on some independent projects.

Debt Free
Would have been accomplished if it weren't for this $2,500 deposit I need to make to the birth center before Christmas. As soon as I can submit it to my medical flexible spending account after the baby is born, we should officially be debt free. The deposit and the fact that it will shortly be recovered made us decide not to pay it out of our emergency fund, so it is still intact.

Improve Health
IE, I will work out more and have an improved score on my wellness screening, LMAO. Medical visits went up because of the RE and the OB, but I only had 1 GP visit for my eye, similar with DH. Being more active worked out in the beginning, until we both came down with the flu (or h1n1, not sure which it was) and then it was hard to get back into it. I walked as much as I could when the weather got nice, but then I was either feeling too sick or too tired from pregnancy that I just never got back into it. I still tried to get out and do as much as I could, but I failed any workout routine I might have tried to establish. On the food front, it has improved a lot but we still have times where we are really busy and rely on take out too much. I journal about 75% of my diet, just to keep tabs on where I am needing improvement. As for wellness screening, the results were laughable. This year's will need to be thrown out. While the self reported section scores increased, the rest really showed inaccurate results. Who knew cholesterol and white blood cell count rose so much, and blood count dropped so much? So, the screening has me at risk for heart disease, anemia, and infection/cancer! Nope, I just have a not so little parasite!

In The Family Way
Mixed results, but who cares?! So, my goal for a 2010 baby didn't quite make it. Per usual, I am just a little late to the park. Time will tell if we have a 2010 baby, but I'm not seeing any progress in that direction. I'm still thinking I have 3 weeks left, but hoping for 5 and a few days for my dad's birthday. So, the end result being that we are in the family way, where have you been if you're just seeing this?! 11 and a half months after officially trying, we fell into the family way. I blame/thank the RE. We had our first appointment where we discussed tests and procedures and determined that as far as he could tell, there was nothing wrong with me and that a non-medicated IUI was the way to go. Luckily I was able to call a few weeks later to get in for my first beta!

Well, this is difficult. There are too many unknowns in the next year that I am wondering if it is even smart to decide on resolutions right now. Instead, I am planning on posting a monthly goal/set of goals that align with some really broad ideas for the next year. I'd like to continue to live debt-free, focus more on my photography, BF for 6 months at least, and I'd like to be near my pre-pregnancy shape by the end of the year. Sound do-able? I think it is, and it'll also help my goal of blogging more. I'm looking forward to seeing how my goals grow and change over the course of the year.

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